Cincinnati Mills changing its name

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - North Star Realty Group, the owners of Cincinnati Mills, have announced a name change for the shopping complex.

Effective immediately, it's now known as Cincinnati Mall.

"Cincinnati Mills was part of a small portfolio of malls carrying the Mills brand.  As such, rights to use of that name were not transferred as part of the sale.  We felt that selection of a name not dissimilar to the previous one would create less confusion among our customers," said Kenneth Whichard, a prinsicpal at Whichard Real Estate, an investor and managing agent for the property.

Whichard also indicated that the investor group is buoyed by the property's potential.

"Our objective over the coming weeks and months is to continue to analyze the market - both locally and regionally - and identify uses that will be compatible with those present at Cincinnati Mall and further increase its appeal to current and prospective consumers," Whichard said.

According to Whichard, such uses may be retail in nature, but the owners also intend to investigate non-traditional users that may view the site's location and accessibility as desirable and/or have a customer or employee base that would benefit from close proximity to the density of retail, dining and entertainment options that Cincinnati Mall offers.