Love Bites

Let The Right One In

Ron Millennor, Executive Sports Producer

Let The Right One In is a vampire movie that doesn't suck. It's a unique take on the genre with the main characters being a pair of 12 year olds. Oskar, innocently played by Kare Hedebrant, and Eli, wonderfully and eerily played by Lina Leandersson.

Oskar is a bullied boy who dreams of getting even with the classmates that constantly harass and beat on him. Enter Eli, who arrives in town with a thirst for blood and an instant interest in her neighbor, Oskar. The two form a bond and a romance, the likes of which you'll never see on Hannah Montana. What makes this movie so special is that director Thomas Alfredson manages to preserve the naivety of the kids' relationship while all of these graphic, gory things are happening around them. You never forget that you're watching a pair of 12 year olds as they struggle through young love and all of the awkwardness that goes along with it.

At first Oskar has no clue that Eli's a vampire...he knows she's different, smells funny and only comes out at night, but he chalks it up to just being different, much like him. But after a series of gruesome murders he starts to connect the dots. Eli finally confesses to her lust for blood, but that admission doesn't alter Oskar's feelings one bit...he still loves and accepts her for what and who she is. Plus, when you're looking for revenge, what better ally than a vampire.

It's not often you can describe a movie as both sweet and gruesome, but that's exactly what this film is. The tenderness and innocense the two show towards each other is rather touching. It's a tale of true puppy love...with a serious bite. I highly recommend that you let this right one in.

(Note: This movie is showing at the Esquire thru March 19th but it is available on DVD)

Trivia: Both the novel and the film were named after Morrissey's song, "Let The Right One Slip In"