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Was Anthony Kirkland responsible for other crimes? Girl's grandma thinks so

By Corey McConnell - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County coroner Dr. O'dell Owens says the death of Esme Kenney shook his personal humanity.

He also says her death resembles several unsolved cases in the Tri-State.

Owens says it's up to Cincinnati Police to determine if Anthony Kirkland, the man charged with Kenney's murder, has any other victims.

Specifically, three other burned women's bodies found in the last three years, including 14-year old Casoyna Crawford.

For three years, Casonya Crawford's grandmother has lived without knowing who took her granddaughter's life.

Patricia Crawford says she thinks the wait will soon be over. There's no confession, no DNA, but she's certain the case will soon be resolved. 

"What kind of human being does something like this?" asks Patricia Crawford.

Patricia has been asking that question since her granddaughter was murdered, her body burned beyond recognition in 2006.

Casonya was 14 years old and wanted to be a doctor. Her murder is still unsolved.

"When they brought him on TV, I felt him," said Patricia.

Patricia says she's waited three years to say that. Now, she just needs to hear it confirmed, that police know who killed her granddaughter.

Patricia says she was shocked to learn about Anthony Kirkland's history - a 1987 conviction for murdering his girlfriend and burning the body, a case eerily similar to what he's now charged with and what happened to Casonya. If he's convicted in any of these cases, Patricia says she's angry about his parole.

"This man should have never hit the streets, never after that," said Patricia. "How can you rehab a person who's going around burning women's bodies?"

Without the parole, he would have been in prison until 2012.

"I want to fight city hall, the policemen," said Patricia. "I want to blame them. Blame the parole board."

Again, so far Kirkland has only been charged with the murder of Esme Kenney. Police told Patricia Crawford that they will let her know for sure on Monday if more charges will be filed.

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