Cincinnati natives evacuate North Carolina home during Florence

Hurricane Florence impact is expected to be widespread

Hurricane Florence affecting Tri-State travelers

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The storm is having a local impact and travelers heading out of and into CVG might hit a few snags.

We talked with airport officials who say airlines here are not indicating any major issues.

That’s good news. At least for now.

But what about the people trying to evacuate the Carolina coast? We talked with a Cincinnati native, who just arrived last night from Wilmington, NC.

A dream of living seaside, realized by Cincinnati Native Brittany Coppoolse Ranz and her husband, Nick.

But, as any beach dweller will tell you, living next to the ocean comes with its perks and pitfalls.

“We were there for Hurricane Matthew. It wasn’t terrible. But with Florence, as soon as they evacuated the students from UNC Wilmington, where i work, that’s when my husband and i had some serious conversations about getting out before the crowds..” said Ranz.

Brittany tells us the past few days have been a whirlwind for the couple and their dog, jack.

“We packed up some valuables, wedding photos, things that meant a lot to us. That’s hard when you’re facing something like that." said Ranz.

With heavy traffic, the 10 hour trip north to Cincinnati, only took 12. But they leave behind friends in Wilmington, who decided to stay.

“We downloaded an app called ‘Zello’, so we can chat through that and use facebook, we’ll be in communication.” said Ranz.

For now, Brittany and her husband are embracing the time in Cincinnati with family and friends. As far as when they’ll head back to Wilmington, Brittany tells us they’ll wait out the storm. Possibly heading back in a week and hopefully to find their home and friends safe.

“NC does hold special memories to us..being on your own and relying on each other through this move, our marriage has strengthened so, i think we can weather this storm.” said Ranz.

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