Police make arrest after Price Hill man badly beaten, robbed twice

Police make arrest after Price Hill man badly beaten, robbed twice
Police arrested a teen after a Price Hill man was brutally beaten outside of a market. (Source: provided)

PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - A Price Hill man is recovering after he was brutally beaten outside of a market.

He says the attack happened after he confronted a man who stole his cell phone.

Tommy Turner is still suffering from two broken ribs and a fractured knee after he was jumped my a teen outside the Price Hill Market on Hawthorne Ave on Saturday.

Turner says before the attack, his trouble started when he was leaving a doctor appointment in Walnut Hills.

“I was making a phone call a guy comes up and snatches it out of my hand and runs away,” said Turner.

He says he went after the guy who stole his cell phone but he couldn’t catch him.

Later in the day, Turner says he made a run to the corner store for his neighbor.

He then says he saw the man who stole his cell phone.

“As I was walking to the store I ran into him and he wanted to know if I wanted to buy some crack," said Turner. “I said no and then I said wait a minute aren’t you the one who stole my phone earlier today and he said your phone? The next thing I know he starts busting me in the face. As I fell he started kicking me in the ribs and in the face.”

He says the man robbed him a second time.

“He started rummaging through my pockets taking whatever was in there. Then he reached down and grabbed my tennis shoes and yanked them off my feet,” said Turner.

Turner says the most disturbing part is that a customer leaving the store watched the attack and did nothing.

“He was standing there watching the entire time. I said aren’t you going to do something about this and he just stood there," Turner said.

As he walked home barefoot, bloody and bruised his neighbor, Julia Boynton, jumped in to help calling 911.

“He really looked like something out of a horror film because the blood was just running down his face,” said Boynton.

Cincinnati police say that after getting a description they were able to make an arrest.

A 17-year-old is now being charged with robbery. His name is not being released because he is a juvenile.

Boynton tells us she's relieved that the teen was arrested.

“I feel happy that they caught the guy and take him off the street before he do it to someone else because if he do this to someone else he may kill them," said Boynton.

Turner says although it has a been traumatic experience for him, he's happy he made it out of the attack alive.

We’re told the assault was captured on a surveillance camera outside of the Price Hill Market, which helped police catch the teen so quickly.

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