Local American Red Cross crews assisting in the Carolinas

Dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Red Cross assisting in the Carolinas

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It’s not uncommon for American Red Cross crews to respond to a disaster wherever it may occur.

FOX19 NOW was told the American Red Cross has a mission to “alleviate human suffering in the face of disaster.” Now, some Red Cross workers from the Tri-State are in the Carolinas doing just that.

About 50 crews from the Greater Cincinnati area are in the Caronlinas now.

“We have a lot of people working on sheltering," Regional Disaster Officer Erin Stephens said. "Sheltering and feeding and what we call bulk distribution of emergency items.”

They’re there helping people try and get back on their feet, still reeling from the storm.

For years the Red Cross has stepped in to assist in an emergency. With the use of more modern technology local Red Cross officials said it makes response time even more efficient through different systems and apps.

“What we are able to do with those systems is to quickly mobilize and move resources. We try to be as predictive as possible so that we can quickly identify where the need will be so we can get the resources there as quickly as possible," Stephens said.

As for the crews in the Carolinas, we’ve learned they will be there for as long as they’re needed which could be at minimum of a couple of weeks or into the recovery phase which could last months."

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