Vandal hits Bengals bus used for tailgating, charity work

Couple finds tires flattened by nails, mirror shattered, cooker-cooler destroyed

Vandal hits Bengals bus used for tailgating, charity work
One of the tires vandalized (Provided)

RIPLEY COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - A Bengals bus that is a staple at home games and is used for charity work has been vandalized.

The “Who Dey” bus travels to every home game and to some away games, loaded up with fans of any team just looking to have a good time.

“It’s an all day adventure,” said Milton Teer, who has been on the bus.

The owners of the bus, Jeff and Chrissy Lanham, open the bus doors at no charge. They serve drinks and cook up dishes in their special coffin cooler-cooker. The custom ride came at a cost, but the couple still gives back by offering shelter when tailgate weather takes a turn, taking the bus to local sports games to supply meals, and donating food to the homeless.

“They try all they can to help our community and to help anybody, so for this to happen to them is really sad," said Tasha Sheets, a friend of the Lanhams.

The couple was heading back to their home in Milan Thursday after watching the Bengals win when the bus kept over-heating. They pulled over near Sunman to figure out plans and ended up leaving the bus parked for about an hour. When they returned, they said the bus had been vandalized. The couple said there were tires flat from nails, a mirror had been shattered, and the custom casket cooker-cooler was destroyed.

Vandal attacks Bengals bus used for tailgating, charity work.
Vandal attacks Bengals bus used for tailgating, charity work. (Source: Provided/WXIX)

“Great people. They’re pillars of the community, and I’m not sure why anybody would do something like this to them," said Teer.

The Lanhams were not available for interviews because they are out of town on vacation, but the people they have impacted have a voice, and they are using it. They’ve started a GoFundMe page to raise money in hopes of covering the cost of the bus repairs as a way to give back to a couple they believe gives so much. To donate, click here.

“They give so much to the sports teams and the people around and the homeless, all the people they take care of, it just doesn’t make any sense," said Teer.

The Lanhams do not know when the bus may be up and running again, but they did say they have reported what happened to the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office, and the office is investigating. If you have information, call authorities.

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