Thief targets Covington cemetery ahead of 175th celebration

Plants stolen from cemetery display

Thief targets local cemetery

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - The people who run a historic cemetery in Covington reported that someone has been stealing off the property.

The Linden Grove Cemetery Board Chairman Rick Ludlum said the cemetery is 22 acres of beauty, peace, and rich history, but has now been targeted by a thief.

To keep the space looking superior, Ludlum said he and two neighborhood volunteers spent about three hours planting dozens of Chrysanthemums, or “mums,” outside of the front gates on Tuesday. They wanted them in place ahead of Thursday’s anniversary/birthday celebration to mark 175 years at the cemetery.

“We’re always wanting something that’s in bloom and attractive, especially at our entryway," said Ludlum.

However, when Ludlum came to open the gates on Wednesday morning, he said nearly half of the flowers were gone. They had been picked and plucked from the dirt -- taken for reasons Ludlum cannot understand.

“Just couldn’t believe somebody would do that to especially a cemetery, just the beauty it gives to everybody. Why somebody would do it just had me baffled," said Ludlum, who is also the interim cemetery superintendent.

Ludlum said not only did the plants cost money to put in, but the cemetery is a sacred ground. He reported what happened to police and said a witness saw a couple loading items into a truck Tuesday night.

Ludlum just wants the person, or people, responsible to never do it again.

“I hope they’re constantly watching behind their backs because their days are numbered whether it’s this crime or another," said Ludlum.

Though they are disappointed in whoever committed the crime, Ludlum said they are already taking action and are planning to fill the gaps with new mums Thursday morning. The birthday/anniversary event will take place as planned at the cemetery on Thursday from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Ludlum said there will be food, presentations, and a couple in 1800s attire playing period music.

There is also a “Cinema at the Cemetery” event planned for October 12.

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