Woman upset after baby-doll display stolen from front yard

‘I’m upset, it’s my property,’ says homeowner

Clown head display stolen from front yard

NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) - A woman wants answers after decorations were stolen from her front yard Sunday.

Northside resident Lucia Jackson recently placed baby doll heads with clown faces along each post on her fence. The heads have been out for more than a month until someone stole all of them.

“I’m upset. It’s my property. It doesn’t matter how goofy it is or how harmless you might think you’re being, you’re not. No one has the right to pose their opinion so much on me that they’re stealing from me,” said Jackson.

She says when she walked out of her home Sunday she immediately noticed something was missing.

“I was leaving to be out of town for work for my day job and I was (upset) because I wanted to stay home and redecorate," she said.

Her son, Oscar, 12, doesn’t understand why someone would do this.

“If they did want one they could have knocked on our door and we would have given them one. There’s no reason to steal,” he said.

Jackson bought the home seven years ago and runs a custom costume shop out of it.

“The heads have gone up on and off for years. It’s just a form of self-expression. I like to do things that just make the world a little more fun, smiley, giggly," said Jackson.

She is planning on an even bigger and better display for later this week.

“Something glittery,” she says.

She didn’t file a police report but says she will if it happens again.

“Be nice. Don’t take other people’s things. You can’t do that and if you do then there’s karma," she said.

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