Ohio Task Force 1 returns after North Carolina deployment

Ohio Task Force 1 returns home

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Ohio Task Force 1 is back after a two-week deployment to North Carolina to help with water rescue efforts during Hurricane Florence.

Crews pulled back into the Kettering warehouse location Tuesday evening to be greeted by fellow team members and a warm meal. Thirty-two members of Ohio Task Force 1 were sent down to North Carolina and assisted in the water rescue efforts of residents and animals in the area.

“One specific instance, we got a subdivision out of probably 20 houses or so, 30 people and we did that as quickly as we can and get them out of that area,” said Covington’s Ryan Marzheuser.

The final count on the task force’s rescue efforts has not been calculated yet. The storm caused widespread flooding along the East Coast and kept the Task Force’s teams busy.

“When we first got there river flooding, river depth was about 9, 8.9 feet. When we crested we were over 25 feet. So it flooded a lot of areas, it actually isolated us for a period of about three or four days," said Columbus native Jack Reall.

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