Cincinnati police find 6-year-old who wandered away from school

Police find child wandering outside of school

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - An investigation is underway at Cincinnati Public Schools after a 6-year-old was found wandering the streets all alone while she was supposed to be at school.

The kindergartner was supposed to be at Rees E. Price Academy Thursday afternoon. Police say she was found on the 1700 block of Grand Avenue.

“To my understanding she was about a block away from the school when a Cincinnati police officer found her. He then took her back to the station where he could make sure she was OK and connect her back to the school and after school daycare,” said Lauren Worley, the chief communications officer for Cincinnati Public Schools.

She says the school staff reported the 6-year-old missing after dismissal at 2:29 p.m. The call to police reportedly came in 42 minutes after the 6-year-old was found by an officer doing routine patrols.

“The protocol is to quickly do a school search when a child goes missing and then to quickly as possible notify Cincinnati police. We’re actually investigating the protocol tonight to make sure all those steps were followed. We think we could have notified Cincinnati police a little sooner,” said Worley.

Parents with children at Rees E. Price Academy say they should have been notified as well.

“I had no idea. I’m just now finding this out,” said Rebecca Anthony, who has a son in the second grade. “I would be concerned too if that were my son wandering around. I would go nuts."

She says the busy road where the child was found makes it even more frightening.

“When people be driving, speeding and kids wandering in the road and stuff accidents happen and then on split second your child is gone,” said Anthony.

Now the school administration is trying to find out how the 6-year-old walked away unsupervised. Worley says they are taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“Right now it’s unclear if the class was already outside or if the kids were inside. We’re looking into that still. It’s not easy to leave a school during the day and we want to better understand how that could of happened today,” said Worley.

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