Health professionals urge parents to get flu shots for children

Health professionals urge parents to get flu shots for children
(Source: WAFF)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - With the cooler temperatures, health professionals are getting the word out about flu shots.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Kroger are partnering up to meets the needs of the Roselawn community.

Cooler temperatures remind us that flu season is right around the corner.

That's why at the Summit Center in Roselawn, they gave out free flu shots Sunday.

New mom and mental health professional Jennifer Sheard-Lynch got her flu shot before she had six-month-old Poppy.

"I definitely think it's a good idea to get the flu shot, especially for babies, women who are pregnant. She's gonna get to this mic," said Sheard-Lynch.

Last flu season in Ohio, there were four child deaths and almost 200 nationwide.

Pregnant women, along with the very young and elderly are especially vulnerable to the effects of the flu, according to Wendy Ungard, nurse with Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

"A lot of people think if I'm going to get the flu shot then I'm going to get the flu. That's not always accurate. You might get a cold afterward just random that you would have gotten anyway," said Ungard.

Ungard says there is a lag-time of two weeks for the vaccine to take effect.

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