’The Werewolf of Defiance’ is an Ohio local legend that still haunts (video)

Defiance, Ohio is a small town that reported a rash of werewolf sightings in the early 1970s and it’s a legend that still persists to this day.
Updated: Oct. 19, 2018 at 2:55 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The “Werewolf of Defiance” is one of the those local legends that sounds like the beginning of a classic horror movie.

Two railway workers, hooking up train cars late at night. One looks over to see a towering werewolf, fangs bared who proceeds to attack the hapless victim.

Hollywood as it might sound, that’s the story that Ted Davis reported to police in 1972. The werewolf may have attacked him with a club rather than his claws, but otherwise the story sounds like so many other tall tales.

Except that Davis wasn’t the only one seeing dogmen in the wild.

Another employee of the railway also reported a wolfman stalking the rails.

Then a week later, a grocer driving home sees a lycanthrope in his headlights.

With so many reports of hairy brutes coming into the station, local Defiance police open an investigation. A neighboring Toledo newspaper gets hold of the story, (You can see the original 1972 newspaper article here) and suddenly it’s werewolf fever in Defiance.

While no werewolf was ever found, the legend has stuck to the town, and locals still talk about it to this day.

Take a look at our horrifying re-creation of that fateful first encounter, and hear the tale re-told to decide for yourself if you believe in the Werewolf of Defiance.

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