Woman says former UC assistant basketball coach groped her on plane after she’d fallen asleep

Larry Davis altered his appearance after they landed, she claims

Woman says former UC assistant basketball coach groped her on plane after she’d fallen asleep

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Larry Davis, a former University of Cincinnati assistant basketball coach, pleaded guilty Thursday to simple assault in a North Carolina classroom. He admitted to groping a 24-year-old female student on an airplane during an incident in Charlotte this past year.

The 24-year-old, who asked not to be identified, said it started as a simple connecting flight to Charlotte from a weekend wedding.

“So I actually sat in the window seat and then he eventually came on to the airplane and sat right beside me to my left,” she said.

She said Davis started with small talk.

“He was familiar with some of the places that I was familiar with, so we started to talk about our favorite restaurants,” she said.

She said what happened next was not ordinary. She said as she was trying to make herself comfortable on a flight, things got perverse.

“Shortly after I was sleeping, and I don’t know how long I was asleep for -- it certainly was not for the total extent of the flight -- I thought that I felt Mr. Davis' hand touch the area on my leg that I’d previously burned,” she said.

She said he began to touch her inappropriately, and she told him to stop.

“He kind of pulled his hand back,” she said. “And the leggings that I had on he was just able to -- as terrible as this sounds -- easily get his hands into those leggings. And the underwear that I had on at the time they were like boy short underwear so when Mr. Davis grabbed my bottom -- my butt -- I was able to tell them where his hands were at because of the proximity of his hand in relationship with my underwear.”

The victim said Davis knew what he did was wrong and tried to disguise himself when they got to Charlotte.

“So we landed and right as we land I’m sending these messages back and forth with my friend that’s on the plane with me -- that’s when Mr. Davis changes his shirt. He also puts on a ball cap,” she said.

Davis was charged with simple assault months later. This past month, he abruptly announced he’d be retiring after more than 30 years in the business.

“Certainly the six months in jail that we talked about in the courtroom as well as the fine and probation -- I think those are all things that need to happen,” said the victim.

The victim said she told the pilot and stewardess what happened as she was deplaning. When asked why she didn’t retaliate physically, she said she didn’t want there to be any confusion about who the aggressor was afterward.

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