Vandals causing thousands in damage by throwing rocks from moving vehicles

‘It has to end,’ says area resident

Vandals throwing rocks out of moving cars

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Residents in Kenton County are reporting that vandals are using rocks to damage and destroy thousands of dollars worth of property.

Brufford and Jennifer Justice said they live off of Porter Road in Ryland Heights and have been hit by the vandals five times since May.

“It makes me nervous just coming up to my car,” said Jennifer Justice. “It has to end.”

The couple said the vandalism has damaged their personal cars and has damaged rental cars that they have used while their cars have been in the shop getting repairs.

“Over and over and over, one time is too much, but to completely like keep hitting the same cars a second, a third time, after they’re out of the body shop is just emotionally exhausting," said Brufford Justice.

The ongoing problem prompted them to install security cameras, in hopes of catching the crime on video. On Tuesday, the couple said their mission was accomplished. Video from their security cameras shows a vehicle driving past their home around 8 p.m. on Tuesday and shows a rock being thrown out of the moving vehicle towards their property. The couple believes they are not the only victims because neighbors on their street and on other streets have said they were hit too.

The Justices worry that the next thrown rock may miss the intended target.

“One of these rocks could kill somebody. They are large rocks," said Jennifer Justice. “They could seriously hurt someone, more than just damaging our property."

She believes that in one of the instances, she saw several teenagers in the car that the rock was thrown from. Regardless of who is responsible, the couple’s message for the culprits is loud and clear.

“Your fun is over. You will be found," said Brufford Justice.

The Justices said they have reported what happened to Kenton County Police and have given police copies of the security camera footage. If you have any information or if you recognize the vehicle in the security footage, call Kenton County Police.

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