Go Fund Me account for officer who Tased 11-year-old

Go Fund Me account for officer who Tased 11-year-old
Cincinnati Police Officer Kevin Brown (Photo: GoFundMe)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Go Fund Me account is open for a veteran Cincinnati police officer who Tased an 11-year-old girl she she fled his command to stop when he caught her shoplifting.

It’s already raised $5,647 toward a $50,000 goal.

Veteran Cincinnati Police Officer Kevin Brown was suspended seven days without pay, prohibited from working details for two months and must undergo use of force training, police officials announced this week.

He was also reprimanded for not warning her she would be Tased and for telling her “You know, sweetheart, this is why there’s no grocery stores in the black community."

“Officer Brown is a father," reads his Go Fund Me page. " He expressed his opinion to her of how important it is for juveniles such as herself to not steal and break the law, as it will only snowball into her later years of life.

“You can hear his concern and compassion for her as he speaks to her inside the office while completing the arrest report. He also made reference as to this is why some stores have to close because of the profit loss from too many shoplifters.”

The juvenile and her friends made it a past habit of stealing from this particular Kroger’s, according to his supporters.

Brown as working an off-duty uniformed detail specifically to stop and deter shoplifting at the Spring Grove Village Kroger when he spotted Donesha

CPD procedure allows for officers to use a Taser people between 7 to 70.

But the issue has become a firestorm of controversy.

"Given the media attention of this and the reaction from said media, the mayors office and city administration/police department, Officer Brown has since become scrutinized for simply doing his job.

"He has been taken off street patrol, placed on desk duty and stripped from working details and is being punished for doing what he was hired to do by the Kroger Company.

"The mayor, prosecutor and police chief all agreed to have the theft charge and resisting arrest charge dropped and the theft suspect walked free. The media released a report that the juvenile and her parent, (who never once took the responsibility for her daughters actions and applauded Officer Brown for catching his daughter stealing) yet they have been awarded $220,000 dollars from the City of Cincinnati and $20,000 from the Kroger Co., for a total of $240,000.

"That’s right, $240,000 has been given to the juvenile for stealing $53 worth of merchandise. Anyone see the problem here? The juvenile also wrote an apology letter to the City of Cincinnati AND to the Kroger company for stealing.

“The juvenile did not write a letter to Officer Brown thanking him for doing his job and trying to mentor to her.”

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