Mother wants drivers to slow down, follow bus stop rules after deadly incidents

Local mom says drivers are putting students in danger at bus stops

Concerns over bus stop safety in Miami Twp

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Following the death of five students near bus stops in several incidents that happened nationwide, a Clermont County mother is demanding that local drivers realize the rules and slow down before another child is killed.

Tricia Phelps said that the bus picks up and drops off her third-grader at their home along Wolfpen Pleasant Hill Road in Miami Township like clockwork, but there has been a persistent problem. She said drivers are not respecting the bus stop rules.

“It’s frightening to see how much it actually happens," said Phelps.

It has become such an issue, Phelps said, she decided she wanted to capture what was taking place on camera. On Monday, she recorded video on her cell phone as her nine-year-old daughter got off the bus. She said she caught someone breaking the law.

“A white truck just flew on by, didn’t slow down or stop or anything," said Phelps. "It was scary.”

Phelps posted her video to social media for other parents to see.

“They’ve noticed it too, and they just don’t understand what’s going on," said Phelps.

Phelps said she is satisfied with school officials, bus drivers and police because she believes they are all playing their parts in keeping students safe. It’s drivers, Phelps said, who are dropping the ball and putting kids like hers in danger.

“It’s devastating to even think that something as common as the kids getting on the bus could be life-threatening,” said Phelps.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol recently put out a video that explains that drivers on both sides of a two-lane road are required to stop for stopped school buses. Safety experts said drivers may not know the rules, may be ignoring the rules, or may not be paying attention and are driving distracted.

“You are driving something that can be a weapon. Just pay attention to what you’re doing. Put that phone down if you’ve got it in your hand. Learn the street laws,” said Phelps. “If you’re going to drive that car, know what you’re doing because there’s people’s lives at stake.”

Phelps said that she and other worried parents are taking their concerns to city council soon to see if anything more can be done to help bus drivers and police keep students safe.

You can read the Ohio laws on stopping for stopped school buses here. Details for Kentucky’s school bus stop laws can be found here. The details of Indiana’s laws can be read here.

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