Thieves abusing program that makes it possible to see mail before delivery?

Thieves abusing program that makes it possible to see mail before delivery?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A year ago the US Postal Service launched a new program called Informed Delivery that let people sign up to see scanned images of their incoming mail before it was delivered. But now the Secret Service is reportedly warning police that thieves are using this program to rip off victims.

The website Krebs On Security says the US Secret Service sent out a warning to law enforcement agencies this week that thieves are now using Informed Delivery to commit identity theft and credit card fraud. According to the report police busted a theft ring in Michigan where thieves fraudulently signed people up for Informed Delivery, then had credit cards sent to those people’s mailboxes, which they then intercepted and used to run up more than $400,000 in charges.

The postal service is supposed to notify customers to confirm they’ve signed up for the service, but some of these victims say those notices came after they received huge bills for credit cards they’d never opened.

Krebs researchers say the USPS’s process for validating new accounts is not secure, since it asks questions thieves can answer easily, by using information found on social media sites, and in public records databases.

So what can you do to prevent someone else from opening one of these Informed Delivery accounts in your name? Well, the Postal Service allows you to opt out of this service.

To opt out, email the “eSafe Team” at USPS at

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