Juvenile taken into custody after lockdown at Fairfield Schools

Trespassers prompt lockdown in Fairfield

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A minor is in custody after police say he and another person trespassed onto school grounds Friday morning at Fairfield High School.

The two reportedly ran off when they were approached by staff, sending Fairfield High School, Freshman School and Compass Elementary into a lockdown.

“At approximately 11:38 a.m. today, several unauthorized persons entered FairField High School property ... one male juvenile was taken into custody. He is not a Fairfield student. There were no weapons involved and no injuries have been reported,” a release from the city of Fairfield states.

Kelly Sutherlin says she got the disturbing message from her son about two hours before school dismissal.

“He texted me saying they were on lockdown. He didn’t know why. I said do you want me to come get you and he said I don’t know I said well I’ll be on my way because I’d be more comfortable being here,” said Sutherlin.

She later learned that people were found trespassing at the school and ran off when staff confronted them.

Trey Hardwick is a freshman at the school. He was eating lunch in the cafeteria when he was warned about the potential threat.

“They said at lunch don’t go anywhere and made us stay seated,” said Hardwick.

With the repeated violence happening in schools he says he feared the worst.

“I thought maybe there was someone with a gun in the school," Hardwick said.

About an hour later the lockdown was lifted and no threat was found, classes resumed but several students decided to go home.

“Thank God nobody was hurt. The teachers and police did everything they were supposed to do,” said Tom Hardwick, who picked up his son Trey after hearing about the lockdown.

Some parents feel the school district should have communicated better than just sending out an alert on social media.

“If I’m at work or don’t have social media how in the world would I have known about this without my kid telling me? So I think a phone call would have been nice,” said Sutherlin.

Fairfield City schools released a statement on Facebook saying in part: “Please understand that we do not immediately make a rapid call to parents because we are in the middle of assessing the situation. Because safety of students and staff is our first priority, we must take time to secure the school and gather information. After a search for the trespassers Fairfield police say they have one male juvenile in custody. They are not sure what he was doing at the school but they say he is not a student at Fairfield High School. Police did not find any weapons on the minor but the investigation is ongoing.”

Police increased security at the schools for the remainder of the school day.

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