Waynesville police make arrest following string of car break-ins

Police preparing to make bust in Wanesville break-ins

WAYNESVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Waynesville police have made an arrest in a series of recent car break-ins.

People who live in the village of Waynesville said that serious crimes in their area are rare, so they were surprised to wake up and find that many of their cars had been broken into late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

“You can typically leave your car unlocked, and you can trust that you’ll be gone for a week, and it won’t be touched. That’s the type of town it is," said Tytus Collins, a victim of the break-ins.

Collins said he noticed scratches and hand prints on his car Tuesday morning. He then realized that he had made the mistake of accidentally leaving something valuable in his vehicle - his wallet, credit cards and all, had been taken.

“There was over $100 already missing and more pending charges at gas stations," said Collins.

Within a matter of hours, Collins said that he learned that he was one of many people who had been affected on and around Crede Way.

“There had actually been about 20 homes hit, and a car was taken from a driveway," said Collins. "There’s parents who bought Christmas parents for their children, and they think it’s safe in their car, and to find out it’s not and it was taken, that’s hard to hear.”

Collins tracked his stolen credit cards to a gas station in Miamisburg. He went there and said the store employees showed him surveillance footage of the suspects.

Collins said the suspects left evidence behind, and one of them even signed a receipt with his or her own name.

“There was stuff they didn’t end up wanting, and they actually threw it out the window as they left town, so the cops recovered stuff," said Collins.

Police said they were able to track down the owner of the vehicle used by the suspects.

Andre Durr, 18, has been arrested in the case. Additional suspects and charges are pending, police said.

Officials suggest double or triple checking to make sure your vehicle is locked, and they suggest never leaving anything of value behind.

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