‘Andrew is doing very well’: Allen family shares some good news

‘Andrew is doing very well’: Allen family shares some good news
Brody Allen and his older brother, Andrew "Drew" Allen. (Photo: Team Brody Facebook page)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Todd Allen took to Facebook on Thursday to share some good news about his son Andrew -- the family is looking to arrange his remaining surgeries so he can be transferred to a rehab facility.

The teen, also known as Drew, is the brother of the 2-year-old, Brody Allen who captured the Greater Cincinnati area’s hearts before he passed away from a battle with cancer earlier this year.

Drew was hit by multiple vehicles while crossing Springdale Road near the family’s home on Nov. 5. He was critically hurt and, for a time, was unable to breathe on his own, according to his father.

But Thursday, Todd Allen said that Drew is “doing very well.” He said he was devastated when he first saw Drew after the accident.

“He was in such bad shape," Todd Allen wrote on Facebook.

The family says it has held onto its faith since the collision.

Todd Allen says that though they are no longer wondering if Drew will survive the night, he still has a long way to go and is not yet awake. You can read Todd Allen’s full post below:

Good morning everyone. I am sorry I haven't been able to update you recently.

Andrew is doing very well. A little over a week ago when I saw my son for the first time after the accident, I was devastated. He was in such bad shape. When the doctors sat us down to relay his medical condition, to be honest I heard only half of what they said. I remember watching one doctor in particular. He had a very hard time making eye contact and while sitting, his knee was bouncing a hundred miles an hour. He was so nervous. I can't imagine how hard it was to tell us about Andrew's condition. He knew what our family had been through with Brody. We had a lot of questions. We where so scared. At the end of the conference I asked the nervous doctor one final question. What comes next? His knee stopped, he looked me dead in the eye, never breaking contact, and promised me that they where going to give him every thing they had. I started out that conversation thinking I would soon bury another son. But I held on first to my faith and then that doctors conviction that God put him in the right hands.

Today I can report that ours and your prayers have been answered. I believe God placed Andrew in the hands of some of the finest first responders, doctors, nurses, and staff in the country. They saved Andrew. Today we are no longer talking about IF he will survive the night. Today we are making arrangements to get all of his remaining surgeries completed so he can be transferred to a rehab facility. They are an amazing group of people to whom I will be forever indebted.

Andrew still has a very, very, long way to go. He is still not awake. He has moments where he has opened his eyes. He has at times taking breaths on his own. His heart is amazingly strong. His body is healing. He is fighting. I will have more details on his condition in the next few days. For now it's important to remember that this is a long process and today Andrew is alive, progressing, and a testament to gods promise. Trust him and he will and he lead you through the impossible.

God through all of our prayers has carried us over Mount Everest this week. Your prayers, encouragement, love and support has been the rock we have learned on for a long time now. It’s so very hard to explain, except to say again you have carried us. We feel the love and strength from your prayers. It at times sounds strange coming out of my own mouth. So please indulge me and accept that I’m just an average man. I can’t explain properly what you all mean to us each an everyday. Until I’m better able to, please just know that each and everyone of you are so dear to us. We could not have made it this far without you. Thank you for being there for us during Brodys fight. And thank you again for being with us now as Andrew faces and uncertain future, but a future none the less. I promise to work harder at communicating our situation in the future. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for all the love and support. And most of all thank you for your prayers. God bless you all and your families. The Allen family.

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