Brody Allen’s brother Andrew ‘doing well’ after 3 successful procedures

2 of the 3 were necessary for Andrew to move out of the ICU, Todd Allen says

Brody Allen’s brother Andrew ‘doing well’ after 3 successful procedures
Tood Allen gave an update on his son Drew's condition Saturday morning after Drew successfully went through 3 procedures Friday. (Photo: Team Brody Allen for Go Fund Me)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Andrew Allen is ‘doing well’ following three new procedures Friday, his father Todd Allen says.

Allen posted an update on the Team Brody Facebook page Saturday morning.

Andrew, known as Drew by friends and family, needed two of the three procedures to move out of the ICU and into a long term rehab center, Allen said.

Allen says Andrew has one ‘final hurdle’ to recovery -- and it’s a big one. He has a severe traumatic brain injury and the Allen family has not been updated on the MRI results yet, but they do say the results have not been good.

Andrew’s brain is suffering from a condition called Brian Shearing after his accident. Allen says that’s when the connections between brain cells separate and unable to communicate with each other.

Brody’s brother was hit by multiple vehicles while crossing Springdale Road near the family’s home on Nov. 5. He was critically hurt and, for a time, was unable to breathe on his own, according to his father.

Andrew’s lead neurologist told Allen she wasn’t sure if Andrew’s condition would ever progress further than it already has.

According to Allen’s post, every brain injury varies and because Andrew is male and is only 18 years-old, his brain will not fully mature until he is in his mid-twenties.

Allen also said Andrew is also suffering from mini strokes to the brain and that due to the loss of blood, he is not getting enough oxygen to the brain.

He also took the time to write about the family’s relationship with God. Allen said the family remains faithful and thanks everyone for their support.

Todd Allen shared a picture of his son's Brody, 2, who passed away after a battle with cancer, and Drew, 18, while giving an update on Drew's condition.
Todd Allen shared a picture of his son's Brody, 2, who passed away after a battle with cancer, and Drew, 18, while giving an update on Drew's condition. (Source: (Todd Allen, Team Brody Facebook group))

"To be honest, I don’t know. We are a huge mix of emotions. Brody was laid to rest just 22 days ago. Andrew’s accident was 13 days ago. I can’t put into words how outrageously difficult these past few months have been.

How much can one family endure? God has given us challenges that I don't think any family should ever bear. I have doubted many times my own ability to lead our family through this. I've learned we can endure much more than we think and we are all greater than we believe. God is not the reason for our circumstances. He didn't do this to us. We're all human. Brody got cancer. Andrew was involved in a terrible accident. We're not the only family to ever have terrible things happen to them. Everyone will have difficult times in their life. Many have had much worse than us. So we will continue to lean on him and you. You have followed our families journey for a reason. It's different for all of you. I can't express how important you all are to us. When I am at my weakest I can go on Team Brody and you are there for me. At our darkest hours you have been there to pick me back up and help me carry on. I'm not sure why God lead you to us. But he did for a reason and I will never be able to thank you enough for answering the call when we needed you most.

God has a plan for us all. It's without question that we would give anything to have Brody here with us today. Many parents lose their children suddenly and without warning. We were given the chance to say goodbye. We all got to watch as God showed us, through Brody, how we should all live our lives. With pure joy and a full heart. That little boy lived a a hundred lifetimes in 2 1/2 short years. He brought a world together. He inspired thousands and made me a better man. I can assure you that when we got Brody's diagnosis in May, none one knew what God had in store us.

What does our family do from here?

First we lean on God now more than ever. Our faith has sustained us and you have carried us. God has a plan at work with Andrew too! I don't know what it but i've learned to trust him. God's got this! Brody's diagnosis had no bearing on how he would change and move us all. Andrews prognosis will NOT either. As his doctor stated, every case is different and no one really knows what his future looks like. I agree. None of us will ever know what our future holds. November 5th we were told Andrew had a very poor chance of survival. He's alive today. He improves little by little everyday. I sometimes doubt my own abilities, but I'll never doubt God's. The future is out there and God has a plan. My job is to live each day as Brody taught us, moment by moment, with joy, and a full heart.

With you by our side and God watching over us, i'm prepared to see where this next journey leads us.

Thank you all so much for for your support, love, and most of all prayers. We need you all now more than ever. God bless you all and your families. The Allen family."

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