Northside resident reacts after another crash at busy intersection

Northside resident reacts after another crash at busy intersection

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Multiple crashes and near-misses in a Northside intersection have locals calling it ‘dangerous’. One Northside resident and business owner says she’s done complaining about it. She’s working towards a solution to keep her neighbors safe.

Taylor Jameson owns the building Salon Gorgeous sits in and found herself quite upset when she got to work Saturday morning and saw the mess in front of the store.

Someone crashed their car into a street sign outside the salon. The vehicle, resting just inches from her front door.

The salon, but this is another close call where she says a pedestrian or someone inside could’ve been hurt.

“That was my reaction. I thought someone is going to get killed. Someone is going to get killed,” said Taylor.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Taylor says she and an employee were hit, separate times while crossing this intersection. And a few years ago, a car smashed into the side of her building.

“It’s a constant fear, actually. I mean this is.. .this is kinda uncomfortable here. And it’s kinda always been like that. It’s always in the back of our heads that something is gonna come through this window.”

Taylor says instead of just posting on Facebook for a reaction, she decided to call out to her neighbors for a solution to the problems they see.

Neighbors, chimed in with their close calls and others with ideas to slow drivers down and protect pedestrians.

One idea Taylor shared with us, is to have the intersection monitored with traffic cameras.

“I’m hopeful we can do something, but i’m very scared in the meantime.” said Taylor.

Her message to the drivers who she says, treat these streets like a freeway, “Slow down and I hope you get caught because its time you get your comeuppance."

Taylor told us she reached out to Cincinnati Police for information on the crash. She and her neighbors also reached out to local officials to share their concerns and solutions to the problems here.

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