More than 20 suspects wanted for drug, weapon violations: ‘You are urged to turn yourself in’

More than 20 suspects wanted for drug, weapon violations: ‘You are urged to turn yourself in’
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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - More than 20 suspects have been indicted or are wanted for drugs or weapon violations, the Middletown Division of Police announced on Tuesday.

These following suspects were indicted or are wanted after and investigation by the Special Operations Unit and Patrol Divisions over the last few months:

  • Joshua Alsip, Possession of Drugs 
  • Anthony Briggs Jr., Possession of Drugs 
  • Brandon Coney, Possession of Drugs
  • Lucas Day, Possession of Drugs
  • Shawn Kelley, Possession of Drugs
  • Shawn Ledford, Possession of Drugs
  • Jeremy Masters, Possession of Drugs
  • David Mcintosh, Possession of Drugs 
  • Christopher Mullins, Possession of Drugs 
  • Reuben Peebles Jr., Possession of Drugs 
  • Brock Ramsey, Possession of Drugs 
  • Vernon Ransom, Possession of Drugs 
  • Derrick Schrul, Possession of Drugs 
  • James Singleton, Possession of Drugs 
  • Richard Wilcher, Possesssion of Drugs 
  • Savannah Williams, Possession of Drugs 
  • Season Wilson, Possession of Drugs 
  • Joseph Wills, Possession of Drugs 
  • Summer Hill, Possession of Drugs 
  • Randy Mills, Possession of Drugs 
  • Will Owens, Possession of Drugs 
  • John Booker, Possession of Drugs, Weapons Under Disability

Police were able to make nine arrests. Three individuals were already incarcerated at the Butler County Jail, they said. During the arrests, more firearms were seized as well as significant amounts of fentanyl, meth and cocaine.

“This is just an extension of the incredible work the team did over the last year in their arrests of major felony drug traffickers, including drug cartels out of Mexico. This particular sweep was focused more on the users. Our officers and investigators never let up and will continue to come at them every day as relentless as possible," the chief said in a Facebook post.

Police urge anyone on the list to turn themselves in.

“If you are on this list you are urged to turn yourself in at the Middletown Police Department or Butler County Jail. We will continue to have officers out looking for you,” police said.

Those with information are asked to call 513-425-7749.

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