Ohio State Highway Patrol cracking down on bus stop safety after parents express concern

Troopers focused on school bus stop safety

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Two weeks after a Miami Township mother shared her school bus stop safety concerns, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is cracking down on drivers who are breaking the law.

On Nov. 7, Miami Township and Milford parents reported they had seen drivers putting students' lives in danger at bus stops. State troopers are now using new methods to target those who are not following the rules.

Troopers have been riding on school buses in the mornings and afternoons and have also been driving behind buses throughout the bus routes.

“We’re making an effort so that we don’t have something tragic happen," said Lt. Robert Hayslip with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "(We) spot any violators and have the trooper call it out for another trooper in the area to make a traffic stop on those.”

Though troopers said they are always monitoring motorists, a video that was recorded by Miami Township mother Tricia Phelps and aired in a story on FOX19 NOW is what motivated them to try different techniques.

“When we saw a video of a story from FOX19 of a vehicle running a stop school bus sign, we realized maybe there’s a little bit more of a problem in that area," said Lt. Hayslip.

Parents like Phelps have been concerned about their children’s safety, especially after several students nationwide lost their lives in incidents at bus stops. Lt. Hayslip said that it is possible that drivers do not know the laws, especially regarding roads like Wolfpen Pleasant Hill.

For troopers, it is not just about issuing citations, it is also about education.

“If you have a three lane roadway, with a continuous center turn lane, you are required to stop," said Lt. Hayslip.

Lt. Hayslip said all drivers should learn the school bus stop laws because it could save a life.

“A lot of it is not knowing the law, not an excuse, especially when we’re talking about children getting off the bus, the most precious things in our lives," said Lt. Hayslip.

The next step for the State Highway Patrol is aviation -- they plan to have patrol pilots flying above, watching bus routes from the sky to help troopers on the ground pull violators over.

Lt. Hayslip said the school district is on board with their enforcement efforts.

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