Woman’s groceries stolen by murder suspect, community rallies to help

Woman’s groceries stolen by murder suspect, community rallies to help

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Laura Highley saw a sad story on television and decided she needed to help a complete stranger.

“We have a big turkey and a pan to put it in,” she said, next to her car as she held a bird donated by Kings Market on Charles Street.

She went out and spent her own money and got others to join her after a woman lost her Thanksgiving day groceries. Murder suspect James Ray Carroll is accused of taking them.

“I couldn’t get that out of my mind. The fact that she didn’t get her groceries back and it is Thanksgiving. I’m sure the groceries were for the whole month. We can’t replace that, but we can do Thanksgiving," said Highley.

It was on Sunday just before 830 p.m. at a Save-a-lot on Roosevelt Boulevard in Middletown that a woman left her keys under the mat in her car. She went inside to finish shopping for Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, police say Carroll was on the run after allegedly stabbing a man to death. They said he made off with Dottie Cowgill’s car out of the parking lot and in the process took her groceries that were in the trunk. Since the car is now part of an investigation, she has no access to it or the food.

That’s where Highley comes in.

“She shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else. She couldn’t get her food because of someone else," she said. "That’s not fair.”

So she put up a Facebook post asking the community to help and help they did.

The family says several people stopped by with food as Highley finished giving what she could. She said this is Middletown at its best.

“Man this is awesome. One post I made and everybody just threw in together," she said. “That’s what our community does. That’s what we do.”

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