Family looking for strangers who helped save woman’s life

Family looking for strangers who helped save woman's life

ANDERSON TWP, OH (FOX19) - Two strangers in the right place at the right time -- with the right set of skills -- recently helped save a woman who was dying. Now that woman’s family wants to thank them.

On Monday night, Tammy Pogner and her husband, Veit “Skippy” Pogner, went shopping at the Beechmont Home Depot. One minute, she was fine, but the next minute, her husband said she started having an intense seizure that caused her to injure herself and knocked her unconscious.

“All you’re doing is sitting there going ‘Honey, wake up. Honey, wake up’ and there’s nothing you can do," said Skippy.

Skippy, who was frantic, shouted for help. He said a man and a woman, in the same aisle, rushed to their aid.

“She wasn’t breathing, and her heart wasn’t beating," said Dr. Jeremy Bruce with Christ Hospital.

It turned out that the two strangers are both medical professionals. One is a doctor. The other is a nurse. They tended to Tammy together, working quickly and carefully, until emergency crews arrived at the store and took over.

“You see a person, and they are literally dying in front of you, and the training just kicked in," said Dr. Bruce.

After the shock subsided, Skippy and Tammy’s son Brandon Kutz, decided they wanted to find the people who helped her to thank them for everything they did.

Using social media, they were able to track down the physician - Dr. Bruce.

Tammy, now recovering at Mercy Health’s Anderson Hospital, met Dr. Bruce and thanked him on Tuesday.

“The reason that your mom is breathing, you get to just look him in the eye and shake his hand and tell him ‘thank you,'" said Kutz. "I mean, that was the best feeling.”

Tammy’s family’s mission is not complete yet because they are still trying to locate the nameless nurse.

“If they weren’t there, I wouldn’t have my mom today," said Kutz.

Call it a stroke of luck or a marvelous miracle, either way, Tammy and her family said they are thankful and grateful for the two people who did not know her, and did not know each other, yet stepped in to save her life.

“There were guardian angels there," said Dr. Bruce. “I’m pretty sure that’s true.”

Skippy said he believes the nurse who helped Tammy may have blonde hair. She would have been at the Beechmont Home Depot store around 5 p.m. on Monday.

If you are the nurse who helped Tammy, or if you think you may know the nurse, please contact FOX19 NOW Reporter/Anchor Jessica Schmidt via email at

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