'He purposely hit me’: Woman claims to be victim of road rage in Colerain Twp

'He purposely hit me’: Woman claims to be victim of road rage in Colerain Twp

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A mother who had her little girl in the backseat says she was run off the road by a driver in a pick-up truck Wednesday evening.

Emily Strobl had her 5-year-old daughter with her when they were getting ready to turn right on Colerain Avenue off the 275 Eastbound ramp. Strobl says the light was red and traffic was moving so she had to wait before turning. That’s when she says the driver behind her laid down on his horn.

“Then he tried reversing to get out from the car behind him and around me,” said Strobl.

Then the light turned green and Strobl says the driver got in the other lane and then tried getting back into her lane but hit her car causing her car to go up on the sidewalk.

“He purposely hit me and then sped away. My front tire was in the grass and we were on the sidewalk,” said Strobl.

Unfortunately Strobl says she wasn’t able to get the driver of the pick-up truck’s license plate number because she was too worried about her daughter. She says her daughter was “so quiet” following the collision.

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Strobl said she did file a police report and that her insurance won’t cover damage to her car because she only has liability coverage. Strobl describes the suspect is a white man in his 40s who was wearing glasses at the time. She says he was driving a red two-door pickup truck. If you have any information call Colerain Township police.

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