Unruly crowds spoil Air Jordan shoe release

MIAMI (WSVN/CNN) - Officers were forced to break up stampedes at the E11EVEN MIAMI nightclub Saturday.

Not for a party. Instead, the release of a new shoe.

"Like, a bunch of people were just trying to rush the door late to get in,” said Kahmahreeah Lotfy, who witnessed the ordeal. “So, everyone was just kind of pushing and it just got out of hand."

The Miami-based company Solefly organized the secret launch, partnering with Air Jordan to create and sell their new Nike Air Jordan Retros.

But before the event could even start, customers became ruthless. The crowds began pushing and shoving.

Some were even seen breaking down metal barriers.

“Everybody in the back were pushing everybody in the front,” witness Noam Prosper recalled. “And at the end of the day, the little kids in the front, they were just getting trampled over.”

Police on hand did their best to control the madness.

One cop even suffered minor injuries.

"One of our officers did suffer some discomforting pain near the chest area and he has been checked out and he is expected to be okay," Officer Kiara Delva said.

Solefly, who was forced to cancel the event, released this statement:

“As safety is our number one priority, we’ve had to cancel our release today. We will reschedule our launch for a future date, thank you.”

Customers said they hope the next shoe launch is done properly.

"I hope that they learn from this year and change it up next year because this is – it's wrong," Prosper said.

The new launch date has not yet been announced.

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