FBI: Ohio woman who planned domestic terror attack corresponded with Dylann Roof

FBI: Ohio woman who planned domestic terror attack corresponded with Dylann Roof
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A woman arrested and charged Monday in Toledo, Ohio had correspondence with Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof and idolized him, according to the Department of Justice.

Elizabeth Lecron, 23, was charged with one count of transportation of explosives and explosive material for the purposes of harming others and property.

DOJ officials say she bought black powder and screws that she believed were going to be used to make a bomb as part of a terrorist attack.

According to an affidavit, Lecron came to the attention of law enforcement earlier in 2018, after one of her associates expressed desire to conduct an attack. She frequently posted photos and comments on social media glorifying the Columbine shooters and Roof, the affidavit stated.

Lecron’s Tumblr account was shut down because of offensive content, but she started a new profile named “CharlestonChurchMiracle” where she continued to post photos and comments about mass casualty attacks, according to the affidavit.

She also flew to Denver, Colorado to see Columbine High School and began corresponding with Roof around the same time, the affidavit said. She also tried to send him Nazi literature, the affidavit stated.

In August, she told someone that she planned to commit “upscale mass murder" at a bar in Toledo, Ohio, the affidavit stated. In September, she met with undercover FBI agents ang stated she started to make a pipe bomb and “definitely wanted to make a statement up here," according to the DOJ.

She then purchased the bomb making materials including 665 screws and two pounds of muzzleloading propellant on Dec. 8.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is leading the investigation. If convicted, she will face a sentence determined by the court because of the unique factors in the case, according to the DOJ.

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