Man who lives 100 miles away gets citation from New Miami ticket system

Police chief: ‘I am personally sending all the incorrect tickets back in to the company’

Traffic camera system glitch

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The New Miami Police Department is revisiting tickets that were issued over the course of the past several weeks after citations were issued to the wrong drivers.

“Apparently they were doing an update on some of their system and they just believe that somehow the software mixed something up and it accidentally sent out a citation or two to the wrong person,” Police Chief Ross Gilbert said.

New Miami uses an officer-manned traffic camera system that records the speed of a vehicle, the date and time of the offense and pictures of the vehicle (including the license plate). That information is fed through a third party that helps officers issue citations for speeding drivers.

“I am personally sending all the incorrect tickets back in to the company,” Gilbert said. “They immediately take them out of the database and immediately generate an apology letter.”

FOX19 was alerted to the issue by a man who lives more than 100 miles from New Miami and received a citation in the mail from the village. In the citation the license plate pictured did not match the license plate the citation was issued to.

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