Don’t fall for this Dark Web ‘hit man’ email scam

A frightening new email scam is landing in inboxes

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Email scams like to play on all sorts of emotions to trick victims, but a new one landing in mailboxes aims to scare people into thinking a hit man is targeting them.

The email subject lines can say things like: “Pretty significant material for you right here." The email’s author claims to be the owner of a site on the Dark Web that offers different kinds of services for a fee. The email then says someone came to that site to hire a hit man to kill the recipient of the email and that the execution will be instant and pain free.

But the owner of that website says he will graciously call off the hit if the recipient pays them $4,000 in bitcoin. And to sweeten the deal that site owner will also remove the hit man.

Now, this email is written in broken English, and people appear to be reacting more with skepticism than with real terror. But this is just the latest variation on a theme (that also brought us sextortion emails where scammers threatened to release embarrassing videos of people if they didn’t pay up). The Simply Money point here: If you get this hit man email, don’t fall for it or click on any links in it.

The FBI is asking people who get the email to send it to their internet crimes center online.

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