Tips for making your own Christmas gifts

Tips for making your own Christmas gifts
An assortment of Christmas presents is shown. (Source: Pexels)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - If your holiday budget is stretched thin - how about making some of those gifts? You don’t have to be a master baker to give something your friends and family will appreciate.

One very popular gift right now are bath bombs. Some high-end stores sell them for $8 to 10 a piece. But you can make them yourself at home, and your kids will likely enjoy helping. You can buy everything you need at a craft store, and your cost will be about two dollars per bath bomb, though that drops the more you make.

Another good idea, especially for a female friend or teen is a manicure kit in a jar. There are plenty of cute ideas for putting this together on Pinterest. You can pick up all of the supplies at a dollar store or drugstore, and spend just a few dollars to give a gift that’s both adorable and useful.

You can find a ton of Christmas cookie and candy recipes online, whether you’re looking at Pinterest or a site like Food Network, or Martha Stewart. Package those in a cute box or a bag with a ribbon on it, and your recipient will love them.

How about making a big batch of your favorite granola, and giving that as a gift?

Or even your favorite kind of salsa? It’s easy to find recipes online, as well as creative ideas for packaging them.

Another fun idea with the kids is making cookie cutter candles.

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