Thieves steal $400 in targeted Lunken Airport Bike Trail break-in

Woman hits trail for walk, returns to busted car window

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A woman is out hundreds of dollars after police say thieves may have targeted her during a walk days before Christmas.

Lisa Graham said she came to the Lunken Airport Bike Trail the weekend before Christmas to walk her dogs, but when she came back to her vehicle, the window was shattered and her wallet was missing.

Police told Graham she may have been targeted by thieves who watch the area for walkers and break into their vehicles while the walkers are on the trail.

Graham says she’s been coming to Lunken for 15 years.

“I come down here a lot. I run and bike down here. I’ve always felt safe and have never had a problem in all the years I come here,” Graham said.

She says her wallet was in the console and not visible in her locked vehicle.

The stolen credit cards were used shortly after the robbery at a restaurant and gas station in northern Kentucky according to fraud alerts Graham got from her bank.

“Whoever did this, the first place they went was Chipotle by Northern Kentucky University and bought $200 worth of gift cards and $200 worth of gas cards,” Graham said.

Graham said the thieves got away with $400 in cash, her house keys and her work badge to a Cincinnati-area hospital.

“I feel really violated that somebody invaded my personal space and rifled through my things. They have my ID, they know where I live, they had keys,” Graham said.

Graham says she’s changed her locks and will be switching up her routine.

“[It’s] kind of a wake up call to be more careful than I normally am. I’ll think twice about [my] safety even when [I] think [I’m] being conscious that things happen” Graham said.

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