CPD releases body camera footage of officer using ‘N’ word on duty

CPD releases body camera footage of officer using ‘N’ word

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Police Department has released body camera footage of one of its officers using the "N" word on the job.

The officer in question is African American and was recently suspended for the September incident. Officer Dante Hill had his police powers suspended and is working desk duty until that investigation is complete.

A call for family trouble drew officers out on that September night -- among them was Hill, who appears in the video to be familiar with the family in question.

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“She’s on, she’s on the right (inaudible)," a man in the video says.

“No she ain’t,” Hill is filmed saying. “No she ain’t because when she’s sober she don’t act like that.”

Hill’s 12 minutes of body camera footage show a situation that slowly escalates into a family boxing match.

“Tase him,” Hill says at one point in the video.

The fight eventually leads to Hill saying the following on camera: “I told you to (expletive) walk off, now didn’t I? That (expletive) alcohol got you (racial slur) out here acting stupid.”

During the video, Hill uses a bevy of choice words, including this phrase: “Didn’t I tell you to go in the (expletive) house? Go in the (expletive) house!”

That blow up came after Hill asked a woman to go into the house nine times without success before the situation boiled over.

The language is not in line with CPD’s conduct policy.

Originally, a written reprimand was recommended. Since City Manager Patrick Duhaney stepped in on the issue, Hill has been suspended and relegated to desk duty.

Both the Fraternal Order of Police and NAACP have issued statements voicing concerns over the use of the "N" word on the job. This is one of two cases where the racial slur was used that CPD is reviewing. In the other case, the slur was used by a white officer.

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