Scammer promises local teen $2,500 for babysitting job

Scammer targets high school teen

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - The promise of babysitting work for a high school girl turned into a costly and dangerous situation for a Fairfield family.

It all started on Instagram. A man contacted the teen on the social media app and offered her a job. The two met up after she got out of school one day and things got worse from there.

The man offered the Fairfield High School student $2,500 for a babysitting job and he convinced her to go to the bank with him after she got out of class one day.

“He talked her into taking it to her bank because she has a bank account and depositing the check into her account and after depositing the check he needed, out of the money, $250,” said Michael Parks, the father of the teen.

Police say the check was fake but instead of just stopping at stealing a couple hundred dollars the man got more aggressive with the teen.

“After they made the initial first withdrawal, after leaving when he had her in the car... he threatened her and she got very frightened and she had gave him her card and her pin number,” said Parks.

Scared for her safety, Parks says his daughter did as she was asked and thankfully she was not harmed.

“Definitely a frightening situation but I just thank god that it wasn’t anything more serious than a loss of money,” said Parks.

Parks says this is a tough reminder for all kids using social media to be careful who you befriend and who you share information with.

He shared all of this with the hope that someone will be able to identify the man who did this to his child.

“I definitely want to have the guy apprehended because he could do it to someone else and next time it can be even worse than what this was,” said Parks.

Anyone with information about the man in the video is asked to contact the Fairfield Police Department.

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