Government shutdown affecting Tri-State workers

Government shutdown affecting Tri-State workers

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - The government shutdown continues to affect hundreds of thousands of people all across the country, including right here in the Tri-State.

The shutdown centers around President Trump demanding $5.7 billion to fund a wall along the Mexico border. Before the new congress was sworn in, Republicans controlled both the House and Senate but still did not have the votes to pass a bill on the funding.

It’s impacting 420,000 federal employees across the country. Most of those workers will get back pay, but not all of them.

Lori Segura works in the Tri-State and is among those who will not get back pay and is not getting a paycheck during the shutdown.

“We don’t have money for bills. Our rents are due, car payments insurance, all that,” Segura said. “My apartment, my rent is due come the first and I have no money to give them.”

Segura works at The Canteen, a restaurant inside the IRS building. She’s worked there off an on for six years, but began full time employment in November.

“My job is to make sure they get everything that they need every day when we’re there. With them shutting down that’s shut us down,” Segura said.

Segura will not receive back pay because she’s contracted out and now says she will have to start fresh all over again.

Though the infamous border wall remains a divisive subject, some Tri-State GOP members support the president’s decision to shut down the government over funding regardless of its impact on workers.

“The American people voted for a president who advocated for border security and they ought to honor the will of the voters from 2016 and vote to give this president what is essentially a small amount of money to build this wall,” said Hamilton County Republican Chairman Alex Triantafilou.

Triantafilou says he blames democrats for the shutdown.

“I think their abstinence and desire to avoid a political victory for the president is causing this stalemate,” Triantafilou said.

During his presidential campaign President Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. Segura says instead, it’s people like her paying the price for the president’s demands.

“We’re all suffering from this,” Segura said.

Triantafilou says even though he knows people suffering from the shutdown, it doesn’t change his mind on supporting it.

“I have great sympathy for those people and I even know folks impacted by this and it’s a shame and I hope they’re able to solve this problem,” Triantafilou said.

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