KY has worst animal protection laws out of all 50 states

KY has worst animal protection laws out of all 50 states
Kentucky ranks last on the 2018 Annual Animal Protection Laws Ranking Report.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For the 12th year in a row, Kentucky has ranked dead last for the worst state for animal protection laws.

The ranking is compiled by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. The organization releases an annual report each January.

The report assesses the strenghts and weaknesses of each US state’s laws and ranks them.

Illinois takes the first place spot with the strongest state animal protection laws - followed by Oregon, Maine, Colorado and Massachusetts.

Kentucky earned its lowest spot in the rankings because state lawmakers have yet to pass a number of protections, including:

  • No prohibition of sexual assault of animals
  • Felony animal cruelty and animal fighting only covers limited species
  • Veterinarians prohibited from reporting suspected abuse
  • No statutory provisions for post-conviction restitution or forfeiture, except in cases involving horses

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