‘It’s disgusting’: Area McDonald’s cited after complaint about bugs

Complaint prompts inspection at McDonald's

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A McDonald’s in Groesbeck has been ordered to clean up its act after complaints of bugs were made to the board of health.

On Monday, the McDonald’s restaurant at 8339 Colerain Ave. received a violation from Public Health following an inspection. According to the report, there were several dead cockroaches observed underneath the frappe/coffee station coolers and in the compressor areas. A few live fruit flies were also found.

The inspection was prompted by a video of gnats hovering in the lobby along with pictures of roaches and a buildup of grease and dirt behind some equipment. The images were captured by former employee Troy Rutherford. He says he started working at the McDonald’s on Colerain Avenue in August and he says during his time there he noticed several problems.

He says after complaining to the managers without results he decided to contact the health department.

"From the time I started working there I noticed there was a poor lack of cleaning in the store. That honestly does fall on all of our crews there was sludge and grease backups in the kitchen," said Rutherford.

Rutherford says it was a difficult choice to make the complaint and he has received a lot of backlash but he says he couldn’t stay silent.

“Because it’s disgusting. Going to culinary school myself I take pride in any food. Whether I’m working at a McDonald’s or a five star restaurant everybody spends their money to enjoy their food to have a nice time and I just felt like our customers were being ripped off and I got tired of it and I felt they needed to know," Rutherford said.

The Public Health report from the recent inspection states that the manager and owner indicated that Ecolab pest control is on a regular treatment schedule with the facility. Prior to the inspection this week, the restaurant received a critical violation in November 2018 after Public Health found clusters of gnats in the restaurant.

The local franchise owner released a statement saying: “Serving safe, high quality food and beverages is my top priority. And we take all claims and customer complaints seriously, including action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Our organization took the appropriate next steps and immediately resolved the fruit flies / gnat issue in November 2018.”

Rutherford says he is happy that the problems are now being addressed.

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