Kings Island is getting a face-lift

Kings Island is getting a face-lift
Kings Island’s International Street will receive a complete overhaul before Spring (Source: Kings Island)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Kings Island is currently defrosting from its Winter Fest and when the ice melts away, adrenaline junkies will notice a new facade greeting them.

The amusement park’s International Street is getting its first face-lift in more than 45 years, the park says.

Park officials say they will update the Royal Fountain, install more than 130,000 new pavers, improve the outside of each building along the street and enhance the landscaping.

The renovation is supposed to remind thrill-seekers of what Kings Island looked like when the park opened in 1972. The park says once renovations are complete, guests will be able to get the closest to the fountain than they ever have before.

The Royal Fountain will get technology upgrades that will all choreographed daytime and nighttime show, officials say. The shows will feature water that shoots fifty percent higher into the air and park workers will have the ability to control each of the fountain’s new 112 nozzles and 176 LED lights.

Park officials say there will also be an expanded band stage in front of the Eiffel Tower that will allow for bigger celebrations and performances.

“For many of our guests, visiting Kings Island and seeing the Eiffel Tower and Royal Fountain for the first time was a moment they’ll never forget,” General Manager Mike Koontz said. “This season they’ll discover the magic of International Street again, spending more time there than they have in a long time.”

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