Medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio are open for business

Family turns to medical marijuana for treatment

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Five medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio are open for business.

Having that option available is a game changer for thousands of patients, including a family in Anderson Township.

FOX19 spoke with a 19-year-old who has been living with complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, for nine years. She says after trying nearly every pain medication, medical marijuana is the only treatment that has helped.

Alexis Bishop says just getting out of bed can be a chore with the chronic pain she feels each day.

“The way I’ve always described it to a doctor is take a knife put it on fire and stab repeatedly everywhere. The only place on my body that doesn’t hurt is my face," said Bishop.

It started when she was 10. She was crushed during an accident at a theme park and never fully recovered.

The intense pain triggers seizures. Her mother says several doctors took her off pain medication out of fear of an opioid addiction.

That’s when they began looking for alternative treatments.

Though they’re ecstatic several dispensaries are open in Ohio with more to come, they’re worried about the battle ahead with marijuana still being illegal under federal law.

At least three of the dispensaries that opened Wednesday plan to limit how much patients can buy.

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