Do you want to build a snowman? Ohio family makes Olaf come to life

Olaf is getting warm hugs from everyone who visits his Lebanon neighborhood

Lebanon family builds giant Olaf the Snowman

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hi! He’s Olaf and he likes warm hugs!

The Greater Cincinnati area won’t be letting this go any time soon. A Lebanon family spent days recreating a giant snow Olaf in their front yard. Regular Frosties, you’ve been put on notice.

Oh look, we’ve been impaled -- by feelings about how cute this snowman is.

Christina Riddick says her husband Joseph and brother-in-law Revell built the giant snowman with the couple’s children.

It took the family three days to build; they began Jan. 13 and finished Olaf Dec. 16. Riddick says the group worked until midnight two nights in a row to finish their chilling masterpiece.

Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put this Olaf in summer and he -- won’t be a happy snowman because yes, unlike the movie would say, he would melt.

Unfortunately, Disney’s Olaf’s love of warmth and heat is not shared with Lebanon’s Olaf. Riddick says Thursday’s rain knocked the snowman’s head off.

Proving that some people -- or snowmen -- are worth melting (freezing) for, she says her husband Joseph is spending the day Friday restoring the ‘fixer upper.’

The Riddick’s say love is an open door -- or yard. Olaf isn’t just bringing happiness to her children, but to other ‘Lebanoners,' both adults and children, as well as the Lebanon Police Department and sanitation workers.

Olaf is a snowman through-and-through. The only non-snow qualities about Olaf are his arms and nose, which Riddick says are limbs from her Christmas tree. The nose is a limb wrapped in orange paper and his buttons, eyes and mouth are snow sprayed with black spray paint.

We aren’t sure if Kristoff still believes reindeer are better than people, but the Riddick’s neighbors could possibly change his mind.

Riddick says her neighbors, who have plenty of snow left in their yard, offered up the cold, white stuff to rebuild Olaf’s noggin.

Until the snowman gets his head on straight, there is a replacement head sitting on Olaf’s body in the meantime. Riddick says it’s smaller and will be swapped out for the big, smiling face once her husband finishes building it.

He doesn’t have a skull or bones but a lot of heart is going into keeping Olaf alive for the Greater Cincinnati area to enjoy.

The Riddick’s are taking a line straight from the real (cartoon) Olaf’s mouth: love is putting someone else’s needs before yours -- like how they’re making sure Olaf stays alive for anyone who wants to drop by and hang out with him.

All the other Frosties may be singing ‘Let It Snow,' but now that we’ve met Olaf we will not ‘Let It Go.’

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