Pastor says area church cold, out $40,000 after contractor fails to fix heat

Praying for heat

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A pastor in Evanston claims a contractor has not fulfilled his end of a deal.

The pastor said the water pipes froze and flooded parts of the building this past year. This year they wanted to be proactive and get it fixed.

“Basically, (the contractor) told us he would be able to install a furnace that would heat the halls, the corridors, and the restrooms,” said Pastor Peterson Mingo at the Christ Temple Full Gospel Baptist Church.

They hired a contractor to fix the heating issues, and it didn’t come cheap. One of the bids they received was $120,000. Then, a man out of Covington said he’d do it for $57,000.

Mingo says so far nothing has been done, even though they’ve paid about $40,000.

The agreement is dated October. Mingo said the contractor told him he had a few complications. Every day the pastor says he would get a text about why the contractor couldn’t make it.

So now, in January, the halls are cold because the only thing that has been done, according to Mingo, is that a boiler was dropped off.

FOX19 is not yet mentioning the contractor’s name because we have not been able to reach him and he has not had the chance to defend himself.

Mingo filed a police report but said he was told this is a civil matter.

“Make sure you have a contract, start date, finish date, punitive damages. If they don’t complete it on time make sure they are bonded. you can call and find out,” Mingo said.

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