Worried about the shutdown? Here are two things you can do to boost the odds of a timely tax return

Getting tax refunds faster

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -The Trump administration says tax refunds will go out on time, but a report in the Washington Post says hundreds of IRS workers are now skipping work because they aren’t getting paid. And that means refunds will likely be late, possibly even months late.

According to that report, hundreds of IRS workers have gotten absences because of financial hardship, and the workers’ union leader says an organized protest could mean even more stay home.

But there are two things you can do that should boost the odds of getting your refund back in a timely way.

1) File electronically and ask for your refund to be direct-deposited in your checking account. Most returns that are filed electronically are handled by an automated process, and people who get their refunds direct-deposited usually see that money in their accounts in two weeks or less.

2) You also need to be extra careful when you check those returns. Returns that are kicked out of that automated system for errors or missing documents like W-2s or 1099s then land in the pile that has to be hand-processed by an IRS worker. And if hundreds are missing from their desks that’s going to be a big pile.

If you make less than $66,000 a year you can use the IRS Free File program. About 100 million Americans quality for this but only about three million people used it last year.

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