Police warn against leaving cars running during cold snap

Don't leave cars running unattended

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It’s tempting in this bitter cold weather, but police are warning people not to leave their cars running and unattended after at least two vehicles were stolen this past week.

Surveillance video from Mt. Healthy Friday night captured what appears to be two teens jumping into a Jaguar. It was left running outside a UDF on Hamilton Avenue. Police say the owner of the car was inside paying a bill when the two males sped away in his car.

Police found the car the next day at the Hilltop Plaza.

A similar incident happened to Patrick Houck in Colerain Township.

"People work really hard to have nice stuff and for somebody to just come and take it away from you like that in a matter of seconds feels weird," said Houck.

On Saturday, Houck says his SUV was stolen right in front of his home.

“I came outside to start my car because it was really cold that morning. I came back out about a minute later put something in my car. I went back inside to tell my wife bye and I wasn’t even inside for 30 seconds by the time I come out my car was already on the road.”

He says it all happened so quick. The next morning troopers found a 17-year-old driving Houck’s car on Spring Grove Avenue. The teen was arrested. Houck says the car came back wrecked with the back lights busted out.

“It was wobbling on the highway so basically I feel like somebody came and stole my car took it for a one day joy ride and I get it back and it’s nothing how it was when they stole it," he said.

Now police are reminding people not to leave their cars running and unattended.

"I do that pretty much every morning. I kind of feel like we were being watched if I'm being honest," said Houck.

Going forward, he says he plans on keeping his car doors locked and is considering adding security cameras outside his home.

Mt. Healthy police are still trying to identify and locate the two males who stole the car outside of UDF. Anyone with information should call police.

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