New scam hits YouTube: What to watch out for

A warning about a scam playing out on YouTube

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Ask a teen or tween to name their favorite YouTube stars and they’ll probably rattle off five or six names. But now some of those big YouTubers are warning their followers about scammers preying on their subscribers.

Philip DeFranco is one of several YouTube stars who say scammers are sending out direct messages that look like they’re from their official accounts. Those messages thank the subscribers for following the star’s channel, and say that if they click on the enclosed link they’ll get a gift as a thank you -- but click on that link and you’ll go to a page where you’re asked to share personal information including your credit card information or even your social security number.

In a community forum post YouTube says it’s aware of the scam and that YouTube staffers are removing the scam accounts as they find them.

The Simply Money Point: If your kids use YouTube make sure they know this is happening. And if you aren’t using YouTube’s parental controls, now’s a good time to check those out, too.

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