2009 disappearance of Milford man remains a mystery, baffles investigators

Man missing for nearly a decade

MILFORD, OH (FOX19) - Almost a decade after a Milford man vanished from his apartment building, both police and his family are still baffled by the mystery.

The disappearance of William Charles “Chuck” Jones continues to puzzle investigators. Jones vanished on January 31, 2009. Relatives said they took him to dinner and then dropped him off at his apartment at a residential care facility on Mound Avenue in Milford. The 48-year-old father of two has not been seen or heard from since that day.

Jones' sister, Julie Bush, who now lives in Georgia, said that the memory of the moment she found out her brother was missing is still vivid.

“When you have no idea, there’s no closure," said Bush. "How do you put it behind you?”

Jones' apartment, relatives said, was unlocked, and his wallet and keys were left behind. At the time, he was battling schizophrenia.

“It makes no sense. He had a driver’s license, but he didn’t drive," said Bush. “He was more like a child out in the world, with or without his medicine, because of the way he was with his illness.”

Milford’s current police chief was the original detective on the case. He said they have followed up on every possible lead throughout the years, yet what happened to Jones remains a mystery.

“I would love for there to be some kind of hope, light at the end of the tunnel to know what’s happened to him," said Bush.

Thursday is not only the 10-year anniversary of Jones’ disappearance, it is also his 58th birthday. Bush said she dreams of the chance to celebrate with her brother again someday.

“We all miss Chuck, and we wonder what happened to him, and I’m sure his daughter and his son miss him and love him too,” said Bush. "It would really be amazing, a miracle, if we found him alive.”

When Jones disappeared, he was 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed about 330 pounds. If you have any information, call Milford Police at 513-248-5084.

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