Tips: Caring for your vehicle in extreme cold

The winter months can be hard on your vehicle.

Tips: Caring for your vehicle in extreme cold
Here are some important tips to prepare your car for cold weather. (Source: CNN)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Since Monday, officials with AAA in Cincinnati say they’ve received more than 1,300 calls for service.

Most are for dead batteries, but with the extreme cold temperatures we’re experiencing right now, AAA is offering some tips to try to help you care for your vehicle:

  • Protect your vehicle: If you can park inside a garage or under a cover like a carport that’s best
  • Check your battery: Cold weather strains a vehicle battery’s ability to function
  • Check your tires: Look for that tire-pressure light. According to AAA low air pressure can reduce your fuel economy, create greater stopping distance, increase tire wear and tear, and even potentially cause a tire blowout
  • Wipe down and dry weather strips and surfaces around doors and windows. Apply a lubricant to the weather stripping to prevent freezing. WD40, cooking spray and even Vaseline work well for that
  • Pull windshield wipers away from the windshield to prevent them from freezing to the glass.

AAA says 40% of people don’t have an emergency kit in their car, but they should.

The kit should include things like: a mobile phone charger, blanket, flash light with batteries, snow/ice scraper, brightly colored hazard triangle, shovel, de-icer, kitty litter and snacks.

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