NKY mother shocked to learn her daughter has scarlet fever

Mom shocked to learn her daughter has scarlet fever

DAYTON, KY (FOX19) - It seems several people are coming down with the flu right now. When a mother took her sick child to the doctor she learned it wasn’t the flu or a cold, instead she was told her daughter had scarlet fever.

Dottie, 1, is beginning to regain her strength after being diagnosed with scarlet fever. Her mother Beth Field says she noticed Dottie wasn’t feeling well but thought was teething.

"After a couple of days we noticed she had a red rash on her tummy. Then it spread to her cheeks," said Field.

Dottie’s doctor gave her a strep throat test and it came back positive. That’s when Field was surprised to hear that her daughter had scarlet fever.

“I just didn’t know that was a thing that was still around. I thought it was well in the past. I don’t know anyone who’s had it. They said that it wasn’t quite common for somebody as young as her. That strep throat under the age of two is a little bit uncommon," said Field.

Dr. John La Count is a pediatrician for St. Elizabeth Healthcare and has treated several of his patients with the illness.

“We try to calm the parents down and say it’s simply that they’re getting a rash on their body and it’s caused by the bacteria of strep,” said La Count.

It is contagious. Dr. La Count says that it’s spread to others through sneezing and coughing.

“If you can keep their hands washed and keep them from touching other surfaces it’s going to make things significantly easier," he said.

He says if you notice your child suffering from a fever, sore throat or rash that’s raised and sandpaper-like, bring them to a doctor right away.

“If it’s not treated it can become very serious and it can create additional problems if it’s not treated,” said La Count.

La Count says that scarlet fever is treated with antibiotics. It usually takes about a week for most of the symptoms to clear up.

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