Missing NKY woman possibly disoriented from head injury found

Woman missing from northern KY may be disoriented from head injury

BOONE COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - A missing Boone County woman who’s family feared she may be disoriented due to a recent injury has been found, her daughter says.

Teri Broadus, a 55 year old mother and grandmother, was found some time in the overnight hours between Thursday and early Friday morning, her daughter Megan said on Facebook.

Megan Manuel, Broadus’ daughter put out an alert on Facebook to find her missing mom describing her as bubbly, blonde, and bright-eyed.

******UPDATE******* My mother has been found bc of the WXIX report! Thank you, Jessica Schmidt...

Posted by Megan Ashley on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

“I don’t want to believe that anything horrific has happened," said Megan Manuel, Broadus’ daughter.

Manuel said that her mother vanished on Sunday night, close to midnight. She left the condominium complex where she lives on Poinsettia Court in the Florence area and never returned. Her family said she was without a car and left behind important personal belongings.

“No phone, no debit card, credit card, no money, no keys, no ID, nothing," said Manuel.

Manuel said that for her mother, this was completely out of character.

The family was worried for Broadus’ safety, knowing that the night she disappeared, she drank alcohol and was recovering from a recent injury after falling and hitting her head.

“She had been complaining multiple times about feeling dizzy, feeling like she was spinning, vertigo in her ear, just stuff that was kind of like brain fog and fuzzyness," said Manuel.

They feared Broadus may be disoriented and confused since there has been no sign of her.

Manuel said there had been no bank activity, no social media activity and no sightings. Broadus’ family members said that they and Boone County Sheriff’s investigators searched around the area she was last spotted. They also contacted hospitals to see if she might be there.

“Searched the woods for hours, nothing," said Manuel. "We also went door-to-door.”

For the family, it is difficult and painful not knowing where Broadus is or if she is OK.

“I mean I don’t think anybody could be prepared for something like that," said Manuel.

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